A new, minute-long clip from Terrence Malik's new film, Song to Song, was released yesterday in which Ryan Gosling and Swedish singer Lykke Li (of Follow Rivers fame) play ex-lovers in a typically Malikian, slow-panning excerpt.  In it the two sing a duet of Bob Marley's It Hurts To Be Alone as Li dances around Gosling.

Song to Song premiers today in New York and Los Angeles following a screening at SXSW, a fitting debut as the film itself focuses on the Austin music scene. The movie also features Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman and revolves around two couples (Mara/Gosling and Portman/Fassbender) who "chase success through a rock'n'roll landscape of seduction and betrayal," according to the film's description.

Stay tuned for an Australian release date. 

Ryan Gosling and Lykke Li sing duet in new Song to Song clip