Trekkies are no doubt gearing up for the latest instalment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise, Beyond which hits cinemas on July 21. But RiRi fans also got a sweet surprise when the new trailer dropped, featuring none other than her new single, 'Sledgehammer'. While Rihanna and Star Trek might seem an odd match at first, after watching the trailer a couple of times, we were convinced. Plus, movies aren't exactly off the table for RiRi, she appeared in the film Battleship in 2012 and has her own documentary in the works.

In the dramatic third trailer for Star Trek Beyond, it takes about a minute for Rihanna's vocals to chime in to the piano chords, but we're loving the soaring and intense vibe it brings to the new trailer. Watch it below.

Rihanna does Star Trek?! Listen to her new track for Beyond