Princess Diana’s life revealed in three new documentaries

Princess Diana’s life revealed in three new documentaries

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August 31 marks the 20-year anniversary of when Prince William and Prince Harry lost their beloved mum and three new revealing documentaries shed light on the real person behind the tiara

Fascination with blue-eyed blonde beauty Princess Diana, ex-wife of next in line to the throne Charles, Prince of Wales was always epic. From the first moment she was outed as Prince Charles shy wife-to-be to the heart breaking moment TV stations around the globe broadcast her coffin being transported on a gun carriage through the streets of London to Westminster Abbey where her funeral ceremony was held. And that fascination hasn't dimmed one bit in the 20-years since her death.

Approaching the anniversary of her death on August 31, three new documentaries have been made which allegedly reveal fresh details of the real person behind the tiara. Specifically, two of the documentaries, according to The Cut, "...purport to be based on 'secret tapes', and it says a lot about Diana that these 'secret' tapes were all made by Diana herself rather than any shadowy enemy."

Documentary numero one comes from National Geographic and is titled Diana: In Her Own Words - it premiered earlier this month and per The Cut is, "...assembled from 'rarely' heard recordings Diana made with a friend, then secretly deposited with biographer Andrew Morton."

The second doco which is yet to get an air date in Australia, but aired on UK's Channel 4 recently is called Diana - Her Story, has caused controversy over the use of 'secret' videos which were recorded while she was working with a speech coach back in 1993 during the difficult time when her marriage to Prince Charles was on very rocky ground.

The third Princess Di documentary, Diana: The Day the World Cried is, according to set to air on Sunday September 3 on the Nine Network and is narrated by the soothing tones of Academy Award-winning British actress Kate Winslet. Unlike the other two, this is not a tabloid exposé but rather an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at never before seen footage of the planning that went into and the day of Princess Di's funeral. The funeral is still one of the most watched television events in history. RIP Princess Di.

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