‘Passengers’ just dropped an even BIGGER trailer

‘Passengers’ just dropped an even BIGGER trailer

This is not a drill

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The latest trailer reveals Jennifer Lawrence in trouble, new cast members and even juicier plot details

Sony has just dropped its second trailer for one of the most highly anticipated flicks of the summer, Passengers. The sci-fi meets romance film stars Hollywood heavyweights Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, and is centred around an epic spaceship adventure of two crew members who are woken up 90 years to early (which means end of the world type stuff). And the second-released footage gives an even better insight into the dramatic escapades these two love birds have gotten themselves into. And boy are we excited. 

We are also exposed to more characters in the film, with actors Michael Sheen (who plays a cool robot bartender), Kimberly Battista and Aurora Perrineau all making an appearance. Watch the new trailer below:

Passengers will be hitting Australian screens on January 1, 2017.

‘Passengers’ just dropped an even BIGGER trailer (фото 1)

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