On location: the eerie photos of Twin Peaks IRL

Text: Yeong Sassall

Ros Brennan takes us on a Lynchian journey to the heart of real-life Twin Peaks

More than 25 years ago, David Lynch and Mark Frost dreamed up a surreal, spellbinding town called Twin Peaks, spawning a television show that would become a cult-classic and forging a place in the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

The series, which released a belated third season this year, begins as a classic who-dunnit with the grim discovery of homecoming queen Laura Palmer's naked corpse by a river bed. But when the local police department digs a little deeper, they unearth startling facts about Laura's double life of cheating, cocaine abuse and prostitution.

In classic Lynch style, the series draws you into it clutches little by little, like a slow acting poison. Melancholy, dark and kitsch, it's a tantalising juxtaposition of the everyday and the macabre, the American small-town idyll and the sinister qualities lurking just beneath the surface in all of us.

From the Double R Diner to Great Northern Hotel to the waterfalls, the chilling filming locations and cinematography were considered revolutionary for their time; a crucial cog in the wheel of the series' mystic, sinister tone. Together with the writing, costumes and casting, they captured a transcendental mood and ambience that was greater than the sum of its parts.

As the legendary auteur David Lynch described, "An idea holds everything, really, if you analyze it. It comes in a burst. An idea comes in, and if you stop and think about it, it has sound, it has image, it has a mood, and it even has an indication of wardrobe, and knowing a character, or the way they speak, the words they say. A whole bunch of things can come in an instant."

"I would sort of think about it [Twin Peaks] from time to time-about the world and the people and how much I loved both those things. You just picture the characters in the place."
In honour of the new season released on Stan mere months ago, NYC based photographer Reto Sterchi travelled to the small American town of Snoqualmie Valley in Washington, retracing the steps of David Lynch and the show's iconic characters in all their macabre, 1990s glory.

Click through the gallery above to glimpse into the dark, mysterious corners where this influential series was filmed.

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