Back in January, Netflix released a gripping teaser for the latest documentary hybrid, Casting JonBenet. And now we can finally get a closer insight into the doco thanks to the drop of the official trailer.  

In comparison to other documentaries and feature films based on the murder, Casting JonBenet takes on a *completely* different perspective. The eerie, goose bump-worthy clip shows a mixture of professional actors and non-pro actors auditioning for the pivotal roles of mother Patsy, her father John, brother Burke, and of course, six-year-old Jon Benet. In a completely original route, the film will rediscover one of the most famous murder cases in American history, and seamlessly blend the extreme facts and fictions surrounding the Boulder city murder.

"[Casting JonBenet] expands the formal horizons of documentary, blurring the lines between fact and fiction, not to take a particular side, but to question how we can ever know what really happened. It may be about a murder that occurred more than 20 years ago, but on another level it's a film that feels very much a product of these troubled, post-truth times," explains Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the full trailer here:


The documentary made it's world premiere at this year's Sundance Festival, and will hit our small screens this April. 

The official trailer for ‘Casting JonBenet Ramsey’ is already giving us chills