Margot Robbie is terrifyingly mad in the ‘Terminal’ trailer

Margot Robbie is terrifyingly mad in the ‘Terminal’ trailer


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Image: Margot Robbie in Terminal

The trailer for Margot Robbie’s noir thriller, ‘Terminal’, has dropped and the Oscar-nominated actress is bone-chillingly “mad as a hatter”

No one can accuse Oscar-nominated Australian actress and producer, Margot Robbie, of not having range. One minute Robbie is playing a gum-chewing American champion skater in I, Tonya, the next she's the icily posh British mother of Christopher Robin in Goodbye Christopher Robin, and now she's playing a terrifying "mad as a hatter" character in noir thriller Terminal. The girl can act. She can also produce.

Terminal is the second film Robbie's company, LuckyChap Entertainment, co-produced with the company's first producing effort, I, Tonya, scoring a number of Oscar noms and a win for Allison Janney in the best supporting actress category.

As for the plot, Terminal is the dark twisted tale of two assassins bent on a deadly mission, which gets them involved with a raft of unusual characters along the way including the mysterious Annie (played by Robbie).  Mike Myers, Max Irons, Simon Pegg and Dexter Fletcher star alongside Robbie making for a very well-rounded cast.

Watch Robbie do bone-chilling crazy in the Terminal trailer here:

Terminal will be in cinemas in May.

Margot Robbie is terrifyingly mad in the ‘Terminal’ trailer (фото 1)

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