The Hollywood Reporter report that independent studio, Critical Content, plans to adapt Manning Marble's famed biography of Malcolm X into a scripted drama series. The decision looks to be a good move from the studio, if the television successes of other historical case studies such as The Crown and The People vs OJ Simpson are anything to go by.

Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention has become a complete guide to the life of the African American activist, with research from Marble revealing previously unknown details about the life of Malcom X and his fight for human rights. Critical Content states David Matthews of Boardwalk Empire and Tyrant is on board to pen the adaptation, which will be heavily informed by Marble's biography.

Casting has not yet begun for the role of Malcolm X. The successful applicant will be following legendary portrayals by Denzel Washington, James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, and most recently Nigel Thatch in Selma

‘Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention’ will be getting the TV treatment