Making a Murderer's Steven Avery is speaking out

Making a Murderer's Steven Avery is speaking out

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‘Making a Murder’ is back and Steven Avery is set to speak out from prison – in the most American way possible

In July, we reported that Netflix's boundary breaking true-crime doco Making a Murder was scoring more episodes. The news was quick to catch alight, especially considering the way audiences responded to the 2015 documentary and the ever-evolving story of Steven Avery, his nephew Brendan Dassey and the Manitowoc County sheriff department of Wisconsin. Just last month we learned that Brendan Dassey's conviction has been overturned (although the state is appealing - of course), there's been little news in Steven Avery's camp until now.

In news revealed on The NYT's Vulture blog, Steven Avery is set to be interviewed direct from prison by none other than Dr Phil. The interview will air on the famous psychologist's talk show Dr Phil on October 3 and 4 and they'll also have Steven Avery's fiancé Lynn Hartman in the studio. Yep, that's how big the story is now.

Avery's conviction for the 2007 murder of Teresa Halbach has captivated the world since the Netflix documentary first aired in December 2015 and it's also reignited our very public love affair with sticky, controversial murders and the justice system (eg. The People v. O.J. SimpsonThe Case Of JonBenét Ramsey). It's a known fact that Avery's repeated attempts to overturn the conviction have been tireless and since it's nearly a whole year since we first heard from him via the first season of Making a Murderer, we're sure he has plenty to share.

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