‘Life of Kylie’ is here and this is what we’ve learned so far

‘Life of Kylie’ is here and this is what we’ve learned so far

Don’t worry, we can’t keep up either

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Kylie Jenner is the latest Kardashian-Jenner to receive a reality TV spin off with her new show ‘Life of Kylie’ airing today

Just when you thought there were enough Kardashian-Jenner spin-offs, the producers at E! decided that the littlest member of the klan had enough drama in her life to warrant a TV show for herself; insert Life of Kylie. We forgive you for eye rolling, but it is at least refreshing to see only one 'K' in the title. 

The eight episode mini-series premiered today with not one, but two episodes for us to test the life-span of our brain cells on. Here is what we have learned from the first two episodes.

She's relatable.

Kylie has a Lamborghini, but feels guilty about not driving it often enough. Don't you hate it when you don't feel like driving your Lamborghini, so you drive one of your other four cars, but then feel bad about not driving your Lamborghini? - Relatable.

She's an outcast.

Kylie was home-schooled (because she was on a world-famous reality TV show from the age of 9), which meant she couldn't go to prom. She has been to the Met Ball twice, but her rare upbringing meant that she couldn't go to the underwhelming event that is high school prom, and has therefore always felt like an outcast: "I have a soft spot for the outcast because I was the outcast." 

She wants to have kids.

Kylie has four skinny little dogs, Norman, Bambi and their two babies. When a producer asks off camera if she would like to have kids someday, Kylie responds: "I do want kids. My dogs feel like my little kids," only to be interrupted by her 'kids' barking in the background, to which Kylie states: "...should we shut them up?"

To Instagram, is to be relevant. (& two of the best one-liners we have heard all year)

Instagram is not just an image sharing platform; it is a necessary tool for determining social significance: "In order to stay relevant, I have to post on Instagram," Jenner explained, and there is a lot of work that goes into it: "Posting a selfie is hard. There's a lot of pressure. It has to be perfect."

Life of Kylie airs Mondays on E! You can watch the episode preview below.

‘Life of Kylie’ is here and this is what we’ve learned so far (фото 1)


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