Actress and writer Greta Gerwig made her directorial debut this year on the low-budget coming-of-age indie flick Lady Bird starring Irish actress Saoirse Ronan and Spielberg better watch his back, because Gerwig is coming for his director's chair.

The film just broke aggregate review site, Rotten Tomatoes, record for the most consecutive 'Fresh' reviews - 164 and counting - in the site's history. Plus the movie doesn't have any 'Rotten' reviews.

The previous record for the most consecutive 'Fresh' reviews was, according to the site, held by 1999's blockbuster animated family movie Toy Story 2 - which had 163 Fresh reviews in a row.

And while the perfect 100 per cent Fresh score Lady Bird currently has could change as the film rolls out into more cinemas and more reviews come in - it will still hold the all-important record for the most consecutive Fresh reviews until another film beats the 164 in a row. But considering Toy Story 2 held that Rotten Tomatoes record since its released in 1999 - Gerwig probably has time to take a few minutes to enjoy Lady Bird's record-breaking success.

Speaking to Vanity Fair at the recent Gotham Awards where Lady Bird star Ronan picked up a best actress gong for the movie, Gerwig apparently couldn't believe, "her film had bested an animated classic like Toy Story 2."

The other key metric for Rotten Tomatoes is the perfect 100 Fresh score, which as noted Lady Bird currently has and puts the film in very good company alongside classic films like Citizen Kane, Singin' in the Rain, North by Northwest and 2017's breakout comedy/horror film Get Out, which did have the 100 per cent Fresh score earlier this year but has since dropped to a very solid 99 per cent Fresh.

Lady power! This female-directed movie just broke a major record