Lady killers? A female-centric ‘Lord of the Flies’ is coming

Lady killers? A female-centric ‘Lord of the Flies’ is coming

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Warner Bros. is planning another film adaptation of iconic novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ but this time it will be females stuck on a deserted island

When Hollywood runs out of new ideas they tend to look to the archives for box office hits that could be revived for a sequel or a classic that could be reimagined with a fresh twist such as flipping the genders of the cast. Recent films following this gender bending script include the Ghostbusters reboot in 2016 which subbed out the original male ghoul destroyers for a sassy all-female crew of slime crushers, and the upcoming redux of Splash with hunky Channing Tatum set to step into Daryl Hannah's, er, scaly shoes as a merman who saves a landlubber from drowning.

However, flipping the script on a classic movie is not always the path to a box office home run with Ghostbusters receiving an intense amount of negative feedback from critics and fans of the original series. But that hasn't deterred Warner Bros. with The Hollywood Reporter announcing the studio is planning a female adaptation of William Golding's 1954 novel Lord of the Flies.

The story of the barbaric events that occur when a group of young boys are left on a deserted island to 'govern' themselves has been adapted twice into film already, first in 1963 and more recently in 1990. Both adaptations did relatively well at the box office and the novel is considered a classic, oft-quoted, must-read.

Which explains Warner Bros. interest in the savage, sinister story - but you gotta wonder, if females were stranded on an island is it likely to become a lawless, barbaric place? Or would it instead become an incredible female-only paradise island like fictional Themyscria, the home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons?

This new female adaptation will be written and directed by two gents, Scott McGehee and David Spiegel (the duo directed the 2012 film What Maisie Knew), with Siegel telling Deadline they are planning, "...a very faithful but contemporized adaptation of the book." 

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