Kit Harington says a punch up scored him the Jon Snow role

Kit Harington says a punch up scored him the Jon Snow role

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‘Game of Thrones’ star Kit Harington reveals in a new video that an accidental punch up scored him the Jon Snow role

Warning: stop reading reading now if you haven't watched the entire sixth season of Game of Thrones yet (seriously, what's wrong with you?), because this contains some MAJOR spoilers...  

Game of Thrones may over for the year *sob*, but rest assured the heart of the show lives and breathes through its most popular characters. Last month Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryan got sassy about her fiery nude scene on Steven Colbert and this week, it's hottie Kit Harington's  turn.

Kit Harington says a punch up scored him the Jon Snow role (фото 1)

In a recently published video interview with W Magazine's editor at large Lynn Hirschberg, Harington reveals how a random punch up before his Jon Snow audition gave him a black eye, which, he reasons, is probably how he scored the gig of Westeros' most Jesus-like character. In the cute three-minute clip, Kit reveals he's as honourable to a fault IRL as his GoT character - in fact, he only really got decked because he was protecting his date from a rude stranger. Awwww.

The English heartthrob also recalls what it was like to actually die on camera... and then get resurrected. While he's pretty quiet on the subject of his famous parentage (we're guessing this was filmed before the unmissable season six finale), we await many more interviews and shoots as we wait for HBO to bring us the final two seasons (rumoured to be split over 13 hours). Certainly, we can't wait to see when Daenerys and Jon Snow find out they're related...

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