Is this the chicest film festival of the year?

Is this the chicest film festival of the year?


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This throwback film festival is celebrating all things French, adventurous and gorgeous.

 Sitting right in the sweet spot of the francophile and cinephile Venn diagram, the Alliance Française Classic Film Festival is a wonderful throwback festival celebrating the best in classic Frenchy film, particularly nouvelle vague or new wave cinema, one of the most influential movements in modern filmmaking.

This year, the festival will be celebrating the work of legendary French actor of the '60s and '70s, Jean-Paul 'Bébel Belmodo. From his performance as a tormented cleric in 'Léon Morin, Priest'  to the quintessentially French film noir classic 'Doulos: the Finger Man', the wonderful escapism of Jean-Luc Godard's   'Pierrot le Fou' with Anna Karina,  and the highly photogenic adventure tale co-starring Francoise Dorléac, 'That Man from Rio', as well as the wartime flick 'Weekend at Dunkirk' and crime thriller 'Stavisky'.  

Kicking off in Sydney and then touring to Canberra, Perth and Melbourne, three of the six iconic films are restorations being screened for the first time in Australia. Check out the trailers here, and start aching for a French getaway...  

Alliance Française Classic Film Festival, Sydney August 24-27; Canberra August 31- September 3; Perth September 1-2; Melbourne October 12-15.

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