IMDb just updated their ratings to highlight women in film

IMDb just updated their ratings to highlight women in film

It’s about time

Text: Lucie Clark

Feminism is finally gaining serious traction at every level with entertainment go-to IMDb adding an ‘F’ for Female rating to over 21,000 film titles

Unlike other regular movie ratings that give you viewing guidelines like your 'G' for general or 'M' for mature eyes the 'F' doesn't stand for romantic tear jerkers like The Notebook, recommended for viewing by only female audiences - the 'F' rating highlights how well represented women are in the movie over three categories: whether it was directed by a woman, written by a woman, or features women in the film in a significant way.  Which is a timely update given that today is International Women's Day.

So far the Internet's movie oracle has 21,892 titles in the 'F' rated category - the list is easily accessible via the search tool bar - with a handful of titles such as Disney's Frozen, Bridget Jones's Baby and indie hit American Honey garnering triple 'F' status as movies that tick the trio of boxes.  Other titles in the 'F' category include Pitch Perfect, American Psycho, Monster and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

American Honey

Despite the seemingly large number of titles attributed the 'F' rating, women in film are still hugely under-represented with a recent San Diego State University study finding that "women comprised just 7% of directors in the top 250 highest grossing US-made films."  Speaking to The Guardian, Bath Film Festival executive director, Holly Tarquini who created the 'F' rating said, "I hope the 'F' rating will become redundant as the stories we see on screen reflect our culture, and that 50% of the stories we see (will be) told by and about women." #goals 

IMDb just updated their ratings to highlight women in film (фото 1)

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