The name Philip K (for 'Kindred') Dick may sound familiar even to those who haven't read any of his award-winning books with several massive box office and TV hits based on his work including: 1982 flick Blade Runner based on Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the 1990 Arnold Schwarzernegger sci-fi action film Total Recall which drew on Dick's strangely named We can Remember It for You Wholesale story, Tom Cruise's Minority Report (based on Dick's short story of the same name), and the recent Amazon Prime series The Man in High Castle which is an adaptation of one of his stories

And now Stan's bringing us a mind-bending 10-part anthology series called Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams.

Philip K Dick is known for producing works of surreal action sci-fi and the new series looks set to conform to this alternate universe genre. And with sci-fi having a massive moment on the small screen thanks in large part to shows like Netflix Stranger Things and Black Mirror, viewers want another must-see sci-fi show.

The anthology stars an epic cast including Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston (who also exec produced), Steve Buscemi, Anna Paquin, Terrence Howard, Benedict Wong, Greg Kinnear and Janelle Monae. Each episode will be set in a different world with aliens, non-aliens and all the sci-fi favourites that make this genre so darn fascinating.

Watch the trailer here:

The premier date for Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams on Stan is to be confirmed.

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