Hollywood insider: TV host Renee Bargh

Hollywood insider: TV host Renee Bargh

Host for Extra TV

Text: Yeong Sassall

Image: Renee Bargh

She's the Aussie seen regularly rubbing shoulders with Hollywood's elite - Renee Bargh gives us the inside story on being an entertainment TV host

How did you get into TV hosting? 
I was looking to do something new after my dancing career and was doing TV commercials a lot and loved it. I wasn’t very good at acting but I felt really comfortable in front of the camera and talking to people, so my agents thought TV hosting may be a better fit.  I landed a job as a co-host on a game show and the rest is history.

Your success in the States is something to be so proud of! Did you find it difficult to break into the US market?  
I definitely was in the right place at the right time, because I started working at Extra the day I landed in LA. I came over a few months earlier for meetings and when I came back they tested me on an interview and gave me the job the next day!

Who have been your favourite celebs to interview? 
The list is pretty long. I love Jen Aniston, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman and, of course the queen, Oprah.

renee and rihanna

Who is one celeb (dead or alive) you’re dying to interview? 
I haven’t interviewed Beyoncé yet and I'm dying to. I’ve been close to her and just her presence alone is so captivating. I’m a huge fan so I’m sure I would get nervous for that one.

What’s something most people don’t realise about being an entertainment reporter? 
It’s not that glamorous at times... There is often a lot of waiting around on set and eating on the run, but it is pretty darn fun!

renee and eddie

How do you stay red carpet and camera ready at all times? 
I definitely don’t! But I try. Thank goodness for an amazing hair and make-up team, but other than that I really try to eat right and drink tonnes of water and workout when I can.

What's it like being an Aussie in LA? 
I love it. There is an amazing Aussie community in LA, so I really feel like I haven’t left the country at times. It’s a pretty easy transition to make although the beaches are nowhere near as nice and road rage is next level here.

Renee’s entertainment picks:

TV shows: Scandal, Call the Midwife and Orange is the New Black.
Musicians:. Drake, Ben Howard, Milky Chance, Big Sean, Ludovico Einaudi – I have pretty eclectic taste.
Movies:  I loved Cinderella – it was so sweet. I’m excited about The Free State of Jones
Books: Currently reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Girl Boss – ha!