Here’s everything you need to watch on Netflix in October

Here’s everything you need to watch on Netflix in October

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Stranger Things, Riverdale and Dynasty: It’s safe to assume you will not be leaving the couch next month

You better hope your couch is pretty comfortable, because it's sure to be getting some love next month. Netflix have dropped their October releases and we are already thinking of excuses to cancel the plans that past-us has foolishly made with no regard for future-us and our binge watching desires. Here is what the Buro team will be watching on Netflix this October:

Stranger Things, Season 2

Honestly, how long have we waited for this? There are so many unanswered questions from that thrilling season 1 finale. What has happened to the Demogorgon following Eleven's (Millie Bobby Brown) fierce face-off? Has Will been permanently affected from the Upside Down? Even beyond this, how can monsters come through walls? The Underworld looks darker than ever, and the Duffer Brothers have hinted that there will be "... much larger threats." The entire season 2 of Stranger Things will be available for your viewing pleasure on October 27.

Stranger Things (Image: Netflix)

Riverdale, Season 2

The Archie Comics foursome is back for what promises to be a steamy season two. The promos have teased a wedding and a VERY hot shower scene between Veronica and Archie, along with blood, guns and Cheryl Blossom's famous strut.  How we have missed Betty's perfect ponytails and Jughead's meticulous narration. Riverdale season 2 will air single episodes weekly from Thursday October 12, so there will be no binge watching here.

Riverdale (Image: Netflix)

Dynasty, Season 1

The reboot of the 1980s series is one of Netflix's most anticipated releases this October. It takes the form of a classic soap opera (hello Bold and The Beautiful fans!) so drama of the highest level is to be expected. There are heiresses, playboys, billionaires and ex-lovers, which sounds like the perfect recipe for TV addiction.  The series has been developed by Josh Schwartz (of Gossip Girl) and Stephanie Savage (The O.C and Gossip Girl) so it's safe to assume that Dynasty could be your new guilty pleasure.  Episodes of Dynasty will air weekly staring Thursday October 12.

Dynasty (Image: CW)

Victoria, Season 1

Real life royal dramas are having their moment, and we are so ok with that. Who would have thought a family of such high prestige would have so many sex scandals, and why did it take so long to bring these to the small screen? As we wait for season 2 of The Crown to come around (stay tuned for Netflix's December releases ;)), we can find solace in another royally addictive series. Victoria depicts the reign of Queen Victoria, who took the throne at eighteen years old, her marriage to Prince Albert and the birth of their daughter Victoria. The entire season 1 of Victoria airs on Netflix October 16.

Victoria (Image: ABC)

Halloween movies

If you happen to be one of the few people who still use a wall calendar, you will notice a cute dog dressed as a bat or pumpkin as you turn to the month of October. Halloween is coming and to celebrate Netflix is releasing a heap of scary movies to watch with one eye covered. You of course need to watch Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th followed by a marathon of Paranormal Activity 4, Dawn of the Dead and Psycho.

Here’s everything you need to watch on Netflix in October (фото 1)

For all of Netflix's October releases, watch the promo below.

Here’s everything you need to watch on Netflix in October (фото 2)

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