Here’s every show coming to Netflix in April

Here’s every show coming to Netflix in April

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Another month, another influx of movies and TV shows to fulfil your desire to procrastinate

From classic romantic comedies to new Netflix originals and '60s remakes; kick your feet up and set yourself in for a month of binge-watching.

Lost in Space, season 1

With all these remakes and revivals of old school films and television series, you'd be forgiven for thinking that writers have given up on creating their own narratives, or perhaps the world has simply run out of good stories to tell. Coming to the streaming service this month is season one of the Netflix original series, Lost in Space; a remake, of course, of the 1965 television series of the same title. The modern revival on Netflix follows the Robinson Family on their pioneering quest through space, where they get - wait for it - lost. The trailer also serves an ultimate throwback with the iconic quote; "Danger, Will Robinson." The modern take on the space voyage looks to be a cross between Star Wars: The Last Jedi with a bit of a Stranger Things vibe. Lost in Space season 1 premieres on Netflix April 13 and is sure to be one to watch.


My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman: Jay-Z

If you have been following David Letterman's original Netflix series, you would have already seen conversations with former president Barack Obama and Pakistani activist (and youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize), Malala Yousafzai. The interviews are incredibly open and enlightening, and it can be assumed that this month's interview with Jay-Z will be no exception. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Jay-Z opened up about infidelity, his relationship with his mother as well as his tumultuous friendship with Kanye West, so the rapper could once again touch upon these sensitive topics. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman: Jay-Z premieres on Netflix April 6.


Knocked Up

Because every month needs at least one day of watching something that requires literally no thinking, we suggest you watch a romantic comedy like the 2007 movie Knocked Up, starring Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogan. A surprise pregnancy, unlikely romance and a whole lotta laughs; just grab the popcorn and have you have a cold Autumnal day sorted. Knocked Up premieres on Netflix April 1.


The Alienist, season 1

Based on Caleb Carr's 1994 novel of the same title, The Alienist is crime thriller series that follows the investigation of horrific murders taking place in New York City. The series stars Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans (of Beauty and the Beast) looks to explore how mental health was managed in the 19th century, where 'Alienists' studied those who were mentally ill.  The show looks dark, dramatic and severely addictive. The Alienist premieres on Netflix April 19.

For a full rundown of what Netflix has in store this month, check out the video below.

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