In the era of 'peak TV', complex, uncompromising roles for women are becoming increasingly commonplace. Where shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad once gave us anti-hero male protagonists to secretly get behind, in 2017 it seems like we're slowly getting the female version. From HBO's acclaimed Big Little Lies which aired earlier this year, to prickly millennial types in Girls, Love and Gone Girl on the silver screen - isn't it refreshing to finally see fleshed-out, imperfect females telling their own stories?

That's why we're pretty pumped to see the trailer for the upcoming Naomi Watts-centred thriller Gypsy, which hits Netflix later this month. Watts plays Jean Holloway, a married therapist who has a knack of getting uncomfortably close to her patients, much to her husband's (Billy Crudup) dismay. With a revolving door of patients with intense problems, Gypsy could be a contender for the meatiest role Watts has played since her breakout turn in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive

Gypsy trailer: Naomi Watts gets sexually perverse in Netflix series

The 10-part series is in good hands - among the roster of executive producers is Sam Taylor-Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey - don't hold it against her, she's quite a good director) and Naomi Watts . Truth be told, we haven't seen the Aussie actress get this twisted for ages - while no stranger to juicy roles featuring messy, clandestine affairs (think: Adore, 21 Grams and The Painted Veil) her talents have been mostly wasted in recent film roles. Gypsy promises sex, drama, and screwy relationships. Sign us up, we're hooked already.

Watch the trailer (set to the excellent soundtrack of Banks' 'Waiting Game') below and see what we mean.

Gypsy airs in Netflix from June 30. 

Gypsy trailer: Naomi Watts gets sexually perverse in Netflix series