Launching amid widespread outcries of whitewashing, the long-awaited Ghost In The Shell trailer is finally here.

Starring Scarlett Johansson in the leading role and directed by Ruper Sanders (the director caught up in his own controversy over his film Snow White and the Huntsman after his affair with leading lady Kirsten Stewart was discovered) there's no doubt that the film is certainly action-packed with intense, futuristic cinematography and complex fight choreography. An adaption of the highly popular Japanese anime series, the story is set in a futuristic, dystopian setting focuses on Johansson's Major Motoko Kusanagi who fights cyber villains.

However, the film is garnering attention not simply for its high-tech CGI but for the largely Caucasian casting (in particular, Johansson) for characters that are otherwise Asian.

While at an event in Tokyo, Sanders defended his casting of Johansson, explaining, "She's got an incredible body of work and the attitude and toughness of her really is to me The Major."

Take a look at the trailer below. What do you think? 

Ghost in the Shell trailer: Scarlett Johansson’s controversial new film