Get comfortable: your January 2018 must-watch list is here

Get comfortable: your January 2018 must-watch list is here

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Yep, that's a 2018 in the headline of this article - we can't believe it either. Our earth has (almost) made another rotation around the sun and we're in for a good few months of writing '2017 2018' on all of our notepads. To help you forget about the last years' resolutions that you didn't resolve, and to nurse the imminent hangover that this New Year will bring, Netflix has unveiled their January releases - so grab some Powerade and a bowl of popcorn, this is what you will be watching in the first month of 2018.  

Grace and Frankie - season 4

The premise of the show is still as hilarious in season 4 as it was when it was first introduced in its initial episode; two wives find themselves in an unlikely friendship when they realise both of their husbands have been having an affair - plot twist, the affair is with each other. No matter how bad your life seems Grace and Frankie somehow manages to make you feel like your life is somewhat on track. Joining Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in the cast for season 4 is Friends alumni Lisa Kudrow, who will challenge Grace and Frankie's unlikely friendship. Grace and Frankie airs on Netflix January 19.

Disjointed - part 2

Just about anything with Kathy Bates will leave you in stitches. If you watched the first part of the show you will know the premise: Ruth (Bates), a long-time user of marijuana opens her own Los Angeles cannabis dispensary. Netflix famously released their own strains of weed to help promote the first part of the show. *Spoiler* the series ended with the DEA raiding the store taking their entire supply of weed and cash. Disjointed airs on Netflix January 12.

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American Horror Story - Roanoke

Ok first things first, if you buy a house in the middle of nowhere and it looks haunted, chances are it is. Also drinking wine in a bathtub is a recipe for disaster in any horror series. While this may sound like the plot to the first season of American Horror Story that got everyone hooked, it most definitely is not. The series stars Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates and is presented as a paranormal documentary about the Roanoke Colony. American Horror Story: Roanoke premieres on Netflix January 19.

Suits - season 6

If you're not a dedicated Suits fan, but still want your Meghan Markle fix, you'll be happy to know that new episodes of Suits season 6 will be coming to Netflix come Jan. It has been confirmed that Rachel Zane (Markle) will not be returning to Suits for season 8 - she's got a hot wedding date with Prince Harry - so binge watch while you can. New episode of Suits season 6 air January 26. 

Get comfortable: your January 2018 must-watch list is here (фото 2)

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