Stephen King attributes the inspiration for the best-selling series on which the movie is based to epic noir fantasy series The Lord of the Rings and also, intriguingly, the western classic, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - making for a compelling genre mash up of old western meets scary sci-fi. The trailer for the new flick plays true to this dark vision with a setting that throws between an old western-style landscape and a large, modern day city. The story centres around a quest by 'The Gunslinger' (played by Idris Elba) to find the fabled Dark Tower and save his world. Matthew McConaughey plays his arch enemy "The Man in Black", who is described at one point in less-than-glowing terms as "...worse than the devil."

Directed by Danish filmmaker Nikolaj Arcel who wrote the screenplay for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - the classic theme of good versus evil underpins what looks set to be a gripping action-packed film.

Watch the trailer here:

The Dark Tower will be released in cinemas August 2017.

First look at Matthew McConaughey’s spine-tingling new flick