Proving that Hollywood may just have run out of ideas, Paramount Pictures have confirmed that a Top Gun sequel is about to launch. The latest classic to get a sequel nobody asked for, the news follows recent reboots, sequels or rumoured revivals, including the Blade Runner, Star Wars (we don't talk about episodes 1,2 or 3, remember), Twin Peaks, The Craft, Splash! and The Matrix.

A few weeks ago, much to the joy of every woman over 30 watching at home, Tom Cruise dropped a bomb on Sunrise and revealed a Top Gun sequel was "definitely happening". This followed a Reddit AMA where Val Kilmer revealed he was ready to get back into his flight suit/flex his volleyball skills as Iceman. 

Now, the studio has confirmed that the film is indeed happening with Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Maverick himself already confirmed. Here's hoping it doesn't crash and burn.


Feel the need: Top Gun 2 is a-go!