Everything you need to watch on Netflix this December

Everything you need to watch on Netflix this December

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Netflix watchers, say hello to ‘The Crown’ season 2 all of your favourite Christmas movies

In case you have missed the premature Christmas decorations, or the increasing number of Michael Bublé carols on commercial radio (we're totally not against this, TBH), December is well and truly on its way *insert clichéd expression about how fast the year has gone*. The silly season is officially amongst us, and while you're of course going to be out and about enjoying the Christmas cheer, you will also need to book in some couch time to nurse those inevitable post-Christmas party hangovers. Don't waste time and energy scrolling through the daunting homepage; life is hard enough when you're hung, so we've done the work for you. Here's what you need to be watching over the month of December on Netflix.  

The Crown - season 2

The wait is almost over; finally we will once again be able to lap up the addictive narrative of the British monarchy under Queen Elizabeth II's rule. The Crown season 2 will air all episodes onto Netflix on December 8, and royal scandals and family tension seem to be even larger than the season 1 introduction. Princess Margaret continues to rebel against the restrictions of her role, and the relationship between Queen Lizzy and Prince Phillip is looking particularly rocky. John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy will also play an important role in the narrative of season 2, as we prepare to see Claire Foy so perfectly enact an early Queen Elizabeth II for the last time, before she is replaced by Olivia Coleman for The Crown season 3. 

Dark - season 1

If you loved Stranger Things and lined up to watch this year's remake of Stephen King's IT, then you're going to want to tuck yourself in for a binge-watching session of Dark season 1. Premiering on Netflix December 1, Dark tells the story of two kids who were kidnapped in the German small-town of Winden. It's going to be one of those shows that requires all attention to the screen; but not in the Game of Thrones need-to-remember-this-character way, more so in the sense that the entire show is shot in German with English subtitles.  The premise of the Dark looks to challenge the concept of past, present and future, raising the matter of the children's disappearance not a question of where, who or how - but when. 

Diana: In Her Own Words

Keeping with the royal theme, the moving two-hour documentary of Princess Diana airs on Netflix December 1. The people's princess is widely regarded as one of the most mysterious and fascinating members of the royal family and Diana: In Her Own Words provides a candid and honest look at Diana's pained life in 1991; ten years into her marriage to Prince Charles, and five years from their eventual divorce. The documentary showcases conversations between Diana and close personal friend, Dr. James Colthurst, taped by journalist Andrew Morton - most of which had never been broadcast. 

Christmas movies

Would a December watch list be complete without the addition of Christmas movies? Absolutely not. Netflix will be sprinkling Christmas cheer into the streaming site throughout December, starting with the holiday classic Miracle on 34th Street, dropping December 1. Other Christmas movies that will be getting some jolly airtime include Daddy's Home (December 1), It's a Wonderful Life (December 8), Scrooged (December 8), White Christmas (December 8) and Christmas Inheritance (December 15).

For everything new to Netflix in December, watch the video below. 

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