When you are born with a name like Millie Bobby Brown, it's safe to say you are virtually destined for stardom. The 13-year old actress rose to fame after the success of Netflix's hit TV show, Stranger Things, mirroring the path of former child stars before her. The most obvious parallel is Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore who was born into a lineage of Hollywood actors and saw success at a young age playing Gertie, the relatable little sister in Spielberg's E.T. The former child star interviewed the child star for Teen Vogue and it is the sweetest conversation you will read today.

Chatting from the set of Brown's next movie, the latest instalment of Godzilla, Barrymore expresses her love for the hit TV show: "I love Stranger Things. It's full circle for me because it harks back to me playing Gertie in E.T. Both are about the sense of family, humanity, and suburbia. And both are so grounded in relatability. And you talk about space and aliens and the improbable and the impossible."

Brown explains that "E.T was a huge point of reference for the show," recalling that the show's creators, the Duffer Brothers referenced various 80s movies in the casting process: "they were referencing E.T. And I was like, "Wait, what? I'm an alien now?"

Left: Drew Barrymore as Gertie in E.T., Right: Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things

Barrymore has been very transparent about her troubled childhood growing up in the spotlight and her abuse of drugs and alcohol at a young age. The former child star touches on the importance of family and staying your age in an industry that forces you to grow up so fast: "I grew up in a single-parent home where no one told me what was right or wrong. There was no parental gure... [Your] family creates a safe place. Especially since everything changed overnight for you, like it did for me."

The conversation exposes the pair's mutual admiration, when asked what the strangest thing that has happened to her, Brown replies: "This interview... When I was told, 'Drew Barrymore is going to interview you for Teen Vogue,' I was like, OMG! I was freaking out." To which she follows up with "we need to start a girl squad, like right now!"

Perhaps the most 'aww-worthy' part of the actors conversation is Barrymore's endnote:  "Gertie loves Eleven."

Teen Vogue's Volume III: Icons issue is on sale August 22. You can read the full interview online here.  

Drew Barrymore interviewing Millie Bobby Brown is the sweetest thing you'll read today