Double act: the best on-screen mother daughter duos

Word to your mother

Text: Brittany Lane

As we enter a weekend which is all about mothers, Ros Brennan reminisces on heartwarming stories of love, self-discovery and coming of age, through the enigmatic lens of motherhood

Cinema is a rather strange phenomenon when you think about it. We willingly give up 90 minutes of our time to sit in a dark room, like captive test mice, ready for someone else's agenda to wash over us. We often have no clue what the story is about, or how its truths will penetrate our consciousness. We take a gamble that we will leave somehow uplifted, comforted even, by the nuances of the lives reflected back to us.

An untenable, primordial life force fraught with the intensity of emotion reserved for those closest to us, it's no surprise that the mother-daughter bond is an age-old source of cinematic inspiration. From ecstatic joy, deep love and closeness, to volatility, resentment and guilt, filmmakers have explored the ebbs and flows of these relationships from every angle.

These narratives bring the less obvious undertones of family relationships to the fore and in doing so, give us all permission to draw outside the lines and define 'normal' on our own terms. 

Double act: the best on-screen mother daughter duos (фото 1)

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