After an entertaining affair of glitz, glamour and of course, the debut of the best films to come- Cannes Annual Film Festival has come to an end. But this year marks as a historical one, with The Beguiled director Sofia Coppola named best director of the year.

Coppola's award officially made her the second female director to ever take home the award after a staggering 71 years. The last director was Russia's Yuliya Solntseva, who took home the prize in 1961.

The Beguiled is the thrilling adaption of the 1971 film by Don Seigel, and follows the seriously creepy story of a Southern girls' boarding school during the civil war. The flick also features some of Hollywood's biggest heavyweights, with Nicole Kidman taking lead as the school governess, and also Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst and Collin Farrell playing pivotal characters.

The Beguiled premieres in Australia next month at the Sydney Film festival - we feel an Oscar buzz coming along. 

Director Sofia Coppola just made history at Cannes 2017