If you, like us were going about your Tuesday feeling completely fulfilled by the three Crocodile Dundee movies that currently exist in the cinematic universe, boy are you about to get a rude shock. The original crocodile hunter is coming to screens for the fourth time, and TBH we can't tell if this is some sort of parody/joke, but by the looks of things it is 100% legit.

Crocodile Dundee is getting a sequel and there are two trailers to prove it

According to the films website, Crocodile Dundee is missing in the Australian Outback and the only person who may be able to find him is his long lost (American?) son, Brian Dundee played by Danny McBride (you know, the drug dealer from Pineapple Express). Perhaps the best part of the upcoming sequel is Dundee's sidekick Wally Jr. who is played by born and bred Aussie / everyone's secret hall pass, Chris Hemsworth.

It would appear that word of the film's release has seemingly come out of nowhere; however it does provide an explanation to this majestic photo that Hemsworth posted to his Instagram three weeks ago:

Dundee: The Son Of A Legend Returns Home is slated for a 2018 release, and there are already two teaser trailers to feast your eyes on, including one where McBride completely butcher's Paul Hogan's most famous quote. Speaking of Hogan, IMDB confirms that the OG crocodile hunter will be returning to his role (thank god!) so you can find solace in the fact that you won't face some poorly cast lookalike in the film.

Check out the two teaser trailers below to make up your own mind on the sequel, or even just to ogle at Hemsworth, up to you. 

Crocodile Dundee is getting a sequel and there are two trailers to prove it