Watch: All the Money in the World is a crazy, yet true tale

Watch: All the Money in the World is a crazy, yet true tale

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Kidnapping, family wealth and mutilation: this based on a true story has all the makings of a cracker movie

When you have a  cast  that includes Kevin Spacey, Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg, it's probably not that hard to sell a film. Add to the mix the real-life kidnapping tale of J. Paul Getty III, grandson of one of the richest men in America and famed director Ridley Scott, and you can see why the latest trailer for All the Money in the World is getting some serious attention. The first trailer for this upcoming featured dropped overnight, immediately drawing attention to this stranger-than-fiction tale.

Watch: All the Money in the World is a crazy, yet true tale (фото 1)

For the unacquainted, Jean Paul Getty built his fortune on the Getty Oil Company, and in 1957 was named by Forbes as richest living American. In 1973 his 16 year old grandson, John Paul Getty III was living in Italy with his mother Abigail Harris when he was kidnapped and held to ransom. His grandfather, played by Kevin Spacey in a lot of make-up and prosthetics, initially refused to pay the multi-million dollar ransom and authorities thought it was a hoax. Broke and estranged from John Paul's drug addicted father was addicted to drugs, Gail was left to approach her father in law for the ransom.  Five months later, after having his ear cut off at the hands of his kidnappers, John Paul Getty III's ransom was finally paid.

Did we mention this is a true story? Fun fact: John Paul Getty III is the father of Brothers & Sisters actor Balthazar Getty, who famously had an illicit fling in 2008 with Sienna Miller. With Michelle Williams as Gail Harris and Mark Wahlberg as security man Fletcher Chace, the cast is rounded out by Charlie Plummer and Timothy Hutton. It's also not the last you'll hear of the famous Getty family - TV channel FX is developing a series also about the kidnapping with director Danny Boyle on board and Donald Sutherland and Hilary Swank in key roles. We guess it's too juicy a tale for Hollywood to ignore...

In the meantime, watch the trailer for the movie below:

All the Money in the World hits Australian cinemas January 4, 2018

Watch: All the Money in the World is a crazy, yet true tale (фото 2)

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