Chuck Bass is back in Netflix’s ‘White Gold’

Chuck Bass is back in Netflix’s ‘White Gold’

I'm Chuck Bass

Text: Samantha Ledlin

If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of a thousand ‘Gossip Girl’ fans running towards their T.V

Every few years whispers circulate online about a reunion for one of our favourite 2000s TV shows. It seems fans will never give up hope, and can you blame us? We want to know what happens to Ross and Rachel after she got off the plane, and if Seth and Summer will end up breaking up again. More often than not, the rumours fizzle out and we're stuck watching episode re-runs (Gilmore Girls, of course being the exception to the rule). Gossip Girl fans can however find solace in Netflix's new TV show White Gold, because Chuck Bass is back!

The BBC's White Gold stars Ed Westwick as Vincent Swan, a window salesman in 1908s England. While his character goes under another name, Swan possesses the same endangering, charismatic charm we fell for a decade ago from Gossip Girl's manipulative bad-boy turned good. You only have to watch the thirty second trailer once to see its Chuck Bass in another lifetime; with the same amount of pocket squares and just a touch of British humour. The straight to camera monologue could have been pulled straight from the pages of Gossip Girl script. An added bonus, White Gold sees Westwick use his own British accent, and it is as suave as ever.

White Gold also stars Joe Thomas and James Buckley who play Simon and Jay in The Inbetweeners. While we can't imagine these two associating among the likes of Manhattan's elite (the pair would have never received a mention on the formidable Gossip Girl website), Chuck Bass has surprised us with crazier things.

The first season of White Gold is streaming now on Netflix, with a confirmed second season scheduled for production. Check out Chuck Bass reincarnated in the trailer below. 

Chuck Bass is back in Netflix’s ‘White Gold’ (фото 1)