These are the original Christmas movie classics that you need to watch this Christmas-time

When it comes to Christmas movies, people tend to stick with what they know. Chances are by mid-December, you have already re-watched Home Alone, Elf and Love Actually; you very rarely branch out to try something new - why? Because you know just about every word to your favourites and exactly when the Christmas warm-fuzzies will hit, causing a single tear to run down your cheek.

But you can't truly call yourself a Christmas fanatic until you have seen the original 'Christmas classics' in all of their black-and-white glory. Christmas isn't Christmas without a bit of Bing Crosby, and a sprinkle of Judy Garland. Click through the gallery above for the Christmas movie classics (circa 1940) you probably haven't watched but need to. 

Christmas classics you probably haven't watched but need to