Chloë Sevigny unveils her new Miu Miu film

Chloë Sevigny unveils her new Miu Miu film

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Over popcorn, oysters and cocktails, the actress-turned director Chloë Sevigny debuted her short film ‘Carmen’

Amongst the craziness of NYFW, Chloë Sevigny premiered her latest short film for the Miu Miu Women's Tales offering, to an artsy and fashionable crowd at the Roxy hotel last night.

Carmen, which Sevigny explains is a "portrait of an artist", marks the second time the actress has stepped behind the camera as director, following Kitty last year at Cannes Film festival. According to Vogue, Carmen follows the unearthed story of an up-and-coming comedian Carmen Lynch. "I was really inspired by Sandra Bernhard, The King of Comedy," said Sevigny. "I love that character so much and it shows that kind of stunted growth kind of thing. You can't tell if she's in her 30s or a teenager. And I also like Carmen's humour. I've seen her perform so many countless times, and I wanted to choose the jokes that were most relevant to women today."

Carmen is the 13th installment for Miu Miu's Women's tales, and makes the perfect platform Sevigny who's always been a Miu Miu girl and muse for the Italian powerhouse. "I'm in love with Miu Miu and the Miu Miu girl and the fantasy that they always create," she told WWD. "I hope I can keep wearing it, now that I'm in my early 40s. I'm pushing it." 

Watch Carmen below: 

Chloë Sevigny unveils her new Miu Miu film (фото 1)


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