Cate Blanchett to play Lucille Ball in upcoming biopic

Cate Blanchett to play Lucille Ball in upcoming biopic

I love Lucy

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Image: American actress Lucille Ball (1911 - 1989) as Lucy Esmeralda MacGillicuddy Ricardo in the popular TV series 'I Love Lucy',
circa 1955. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

We’ve been hearing whisperings about a potential Lucille Ball biopic since 2015, now finally we have a greenlight on the project

If you start to hear whispers in Hollywood, more often than not, they end up being false. With headline after headline pasted over tabloids about "so-and-so marrying so-and-so in a secret ceremony" only to have "broken it off" the following week, it is hard to keep on top of any element of truth coming out of La La land. For once though, we are happy to report, that the whispers about an upcoming Lucille Ball biopic starring our home-grown beauty Cate Blanchett are true.

Deadline reports that Aaron Sorkin (of The West Wing and The Social Network) will script the drama, with Blanchett set to star as iconic American actress, comedian and beauty, Lucille Ball. The biopic, aptly titled 'Lucy and Desi' is yet to cast Ball's on-screen and off-screen husband, Desi, however Javier Bardem is "in the mix." Likewise the couple's sidekicks Fred and Ethel are yet to be cast.

While on the surface Blanchett may seem an odd fit to play such a physically comedic role; her comedy errs more on the side of martini induced sarcasm, rather than fully grown woman dressed in a child's tutu. Behind the screen and away from the laughs, Ball's life was complicated, particularly the tempestuous marriage she shared with her husband Desi. Ball was a strong, complex, beautiful woman, and playing powerful, complicated women is written in Blanchett's acting DNA. The two time Oscar winner has played Queen Elizabeth I twice, among playing Iconic Hollywood actress Catherine Hepburn.

While, no director has been attached to the project as of yet, we can only imagine that Blanchett's casting would have had to involve selling Vitameatavegamin and stuffing her bra with chocolates.  

We have no word on when the project will start filming or when it will be completed, so we'll wait for the whispers of Hollywood to send that through. 

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