Calling it: ‘Girls Incarcerated’ will be your next Netflix obsession

Calling it: ‘Girls Incarcerated’ will be your next Netflix obsession

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‘Girls Incarcerated’ is the real-life ‘Orange is the New Black’ docuseries that you need to be watching

Do you like Orange is the New Black? Do you like reality TV? Do you like teenage drama? If you answered 'yes' to all or any of the above then clear your schedule and pick up a bottle of wine on the way home because you have a hot date with Girls Incarcerated. The eight-episode docuseries premiered on Netflix this week and it is everything you need in a TV show and more.

The real-life series is filmed at Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility; a maximum security facility for committed female youth (comparatively, the high-school version of Litchfield in OITNB). The eight-part series serves up teen drama, with a side of heavy 'hood' accents that are strangely not dissimilar to those from Manitowoc County ala Making a Murderer. Beneath the drama, the show deals with the very real issues of mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, and sexual assault through incredibly candid one-on-one interviews with the girls incarcerated within the Madison facility.  

Girls Incarcerated sheds an open and honest light on incarceration in America, particularly what compels a teenager to act out. The show dedicates each episode into detailing exactly how each of the girls ended up at Madison, from Sarah Maxwell whose biological drug-addict mother forced her to take heroin, to Taryn Twine who accidentally killed her best friend in a car accident.    

The series is a surprisingly heart-wrenching coming-of-age documentary that will make you laugh, gasp and shed a tear all in one episode. Watch it now.

Calling it: ‘Girls Incarcerated’ will be your next Netflix obsession (фото 1)

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