BuzzFeed’s new dating show is basically 'The Bachelor' on steroids

BuzzFeed’s new dating show is basically 'The Bachelor' on steroids


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The Bachelor has nothing on this… BuzzFeed is taking the humble dating show to new and unchartered territory

Depending on whether you're a cynic or a romantic, you'll likely have your own opinion on the "reality" of popular TV dating shows like The Bachelor, Dating Naked and Love Island. While shows like Unreal have sought to capitalise on the behind-the-scenes tantrums and manipulative production techniques involved in these shows, you can't argue that we, as viewers are to blame. All you need for proof is a Twitter account in order to see how much conversation (and hand-wringing) these shows generate online.

So when you think about it, the premise for BuzzFeed's new dating show was a bomb always waiting to explode. Combining the best elements of reality TV with social media and the fangirl act of shipping, RelationShipped (geddit?) basically uses Facebook Watch to allow viewers to vote for what they want to happen in a dating show. Set out over 18-episodes, viewers will be asked to vote for their favourite lovelorn bachelor, and later plan dates and choose potential love interests. (What could go possibly wrong?!)

BuzzFeed’s new dating show is basically 'The Bachelor' on steroids (фото 1)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in order to heighten the "experience" RelationShipped will be shot in real-time, Big Brother-style, so that viewers can get even more invested in a show about people they've never met.  "Shooting and releasing it in real time allows the audience to affect the show and get involved in ways they couldn't before," BuzzFeed's Head of Development Matthew Henick told The Hollywood Reporter.  "We wanted to build a format that television audiences are familiar with, a dating format, but from the ground up for digital." No doubt, it's a show aimed for the Gen Y and Gen Z interwebs community - did we mention eps are only 15 minutes long? And, dare we say it: but we wonder if this choose-your-own-adventure format has legs for other reality programs?  

Even though RelationShipped premieres on the US-only platform Facebook Watch on November 9, we're betting clever internet kids will find a way to stream it elsewhere.... so watch this space. 

BuzzFeed’s new dating show is basically 'The Bachelor' on steroids (фото 2)

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