It's time to roll the credits...says David Smeidt 

There are now more Fast & Furious films than there are Kardashian/Jenners. That takes some doing. We've spent 14 petrol soaked years watching Vin Diesel expand his acting repertoire from just plain angry to smile angry, smirk angry, sex angry and drive angry. Many critics have wondered whether the series has jumped the shark and is now relying more on gratuitous cameos - think Helen Mirren in the last outing - than genuinely engaging stories. We guess the box office will tell. That said, there are certain series that have clearly seen better days and for whom a gentle retirement is in order. Please note these are all actual films in the works and wouldn't be nice if someone rolled the dice on new tales instead.  

Buro 24/7's guide to the movie franchises that need to die