What would be the worst way to take your last breath? If it's being stalked by a ravenous great white shark, then you're going  to love Blake Lively's next film. Combining the best (or would that be worst?) elements of Jaws, 127 Hours and Castaway the upcoming feature The Shallows places surfie girl Blake Lively (showing off an impressive post-baby figure) on a lone rock, fending for her life against a tenacious, gigantic and hungry great white.

While we can't say much for the surrounding plot or characters (two nearby surfers don't stand a chance against the deadly shark) the trailer alone is a suspenseful two-minute-and-ten-seconds of most people's worst nightmare. Fun fact: the beach horror movie was filmed in various local spots, including Lord Howe Island, meaning this will probably be particularly chilling to watch for many Australians.

Blake Lively takes on a terrifying shark in ‘The Shallows’