Just in time for Valentine's day, Noelle Faulkner rounds up 30 of the hottest teen dreams from the last three decades 

From the bad boys of the '80s Brat Pack and stars of The Outsiders, to the Viber Room regulars and cleanly shaven heartbreakers of the 00s and the cut af bodies and  young guns of today's smouldering stars, Hollywood's teen dream heartbreakers have always been precious, but curious commodity.

What was the Hollywood poison that made your adolescent knees weaken? A stone-cold-sexy Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions? The way Josh Hartnett as Trip Fontaine would peer over his glasses in The Virgin Suicides? Did you reblog every "Hey Girl" meme there ever was? But then who could ever deny Leo as Romeo, Brad Pitt as Tristan in Legends of the Fall or a trio of River/Johnny/Keanu snapped with cigarette in hand? As team Buro's Valentine 's Day gift to you, here are 30 of the most irresistible teenage actors to ever break our hearts. Ah, youth. 

Be my valentine: 30 of the hottest teen Hollywood heartthrobs