Be afraid Harvey Weinstein, a revealing doco is in the works

Be afraid Harvey Weinstein, a revealing doco is in the works

The BBC is coming for you

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The BBC has ordered a “definitive” documentary on the Harvey Weinstein scandal from Oscar-winning producer Simon Chinn

Harvey used to make movies, now he's the subject of one, with Variety reporting the BBC has ordered a 90-minute, "definitive account of the Harvey Weinstein scandal" from Oscar-winning producer Simon Chinn.

The feature-length doco will be produced by Simon Chinn and his production company Lightbox and Variety reports the film will, "...feature interviews with actresses who have accused Weinstein of misconduct as well as with journalists, producers, directors, actors, agents and lawyers involved in the scandal."

Per the article, the BBC has planned to show the doco on TV, but is also considering a theatre release so it could qualify for entry into the Academy Awards (if nominated).

The doco is in very experienced hands with two documentaries from Simon Chinn's extensive list of credits, 2013's Searching for Sugar Man and 2009's Man on Wire, winners of the Best Documentary Oscar in their respective years. Speaking to Variety Chinn revealed the documentary will not just cover the Weinstein story, but also cover the scandal, " the context of the wider culture in Hollywood."

Variety reports filmmaker Ursula MacFarlane will direct the Weinstein documentary with Chinn  noting, given the subject matter, the significance of a, "...woman taking charge of the project."

New accusations and fallout from the scandal seem to be occurring on an almost daily basis, just yesterday, per The Hollywood Reporter, actress Mira Sorvino tweeted her devastation at finding out for certain that, "...Weinstein had blacklisted her for rebuffing his advances."


At the same time, Beverly Hills 90210 pin-up, Jason Priestley tweeted about an altercation he had with Weinstein back in 1995, which ended in Priestley punching Weinstein in the face.

Not that violence is ever okay, but surely after everything Weinstein has alleged to have done, Priestley taking Weinstein down has to make the final doco cut?

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