An aca-wesome ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ new trailer just dropped

An aca-wesome ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ new trailer just dropped

Last call pitches!

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The anticipation for the final chapter in The Bellas songbook just went sky high with a second official trailer teasing at epic levels of musical comedy good times

Mark your calendar pitches, The Bellas are back together for one final a cappella showdown coming to the big screen in December or 'Pitchmas' as the trailer calls it and this just might be the best chapter yet.

A behind-the-scenes trailer dropped earlier this year, followed by the official trailer soon after and now a second official trailer has arrived and it's everything we love about this hilarious movie franchise and more.

All the familiar faces are back in stellar form from classic Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, "We're like sisters Aubrey...  it is Aubrey isn't it?" to Beca (played by Anna Kendrick) being faced with a tough personal decision to on stage fireworks and failures.

With everyone struggling to find their place after graduating college the girls decide to get together for one final 'farewell tour' to support their troops. It's the 'last call pitches' and it looks aca-incredible. Watch the trailer here:

Pitch Perfect 3 will be in cinemas in December 2017

An aca-wesome ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ new trailer just dropped (фото 1)

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