Amy Schumer to star in new 'Barbie' film

Amy Schumer to star in new 'Barbie' film

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Comedic actress Amy Schumer has landed the unexpected role of Barbie in the new live-action film

Amy Schumer is currently in talks with Sony to star in their highly-anticipated live-action film, Barbie. Schumer, who's known for her hilariously crude stand-up comedy acts, came as quite the surprise for some Barbie fans, who believed the Trainwreck actress isn't exactly the definitive Barbie mould. But in the new movie Schumer is set to play an outcast Barbie in the perfect "Barbieland", who is expelled from the ideal land and forced to contend in the real world, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  So Barbie meets Amy Schumer? This is going to be brilliant. 

Mattel ( who originally created the Barbie toy in 1959) alongside producers Walter F. Parkes, Amy Pascal and Laurie MacDonald will be putting a contemporary spin on the classic barbie character, which will  dabble into beauty, feminism and identity topics.  

The new Barbie film has had a bit of a slow-burn, who are yet to find the perfect script after a three-year search. And the studio is still currently trying to find the perfect director. 

Although there's no word on when production will commence, we're already so excited for tis revamped sassy Schumer-type Barbie. 

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