Amanda Knox: wrongfully convicted prisoner, now talk show host?

Amanda Knox: wrongfully convicted prisoner, now talk show host?


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Amanda Knox will host a mini-series focusing on the public shaming of females

In 2007, American university student, Amanda Knox was convicted and imprisoned for the murder of her British housemate while the pair was studying abroad in Perugia, Italy. The murder and trial became one of the most highly publicised crime cases turning Knox into a household name. Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison, and served nearly four of them before she was officially acquitted in 2015. If you haven't already, we highly recommend you watch the gripping documentary on Netflix.

Since back on US soil, Knox has been working as a writer and activist, and will now be hosting her own series from Vice and Facebook. According to a press release received by The Cut, the five-episode series titled, The Scarlet Letter Reports, will explore "the gendered nature of public shaming." Knox will interview public figures such as Amber Rose and teen rape survivor Daisy Coleman. The series will be developed by Broadly, Vice's women's site, and will premiere on Facebook's TV service, Facebook Watch.

"While on trial for a murder I didn't commit, my prosecutor painted me as a sex-crazed femme fatale with magical powers to control men. The tabloids loved that story. So did the public. So did the jury. I lost years of my life to prison because of two-dimensional and misogynist stereotypes," Knox said [in the statement]. "In The Scarlet Letter Reports, I'm hoping to re-humanize others who have been similarly shamed and vilified, and elevate the standard for how we think and talk about public women."

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