Lady Gaga fans get ready to know a lot more about the star. The pop singer announced today via a series of twelve Instagram posts an upcoming documentary titled Gaga: Five Foot Two. Vulture reports that the documentary will premiere at The Toronto Film Festival next month, before being made available on Netflix on September 22.

The series of Instagram posts suggest that the documentary will show Gaga in her most honest and outspoken light. The clips show Gaga in the moments leading up to her famed Superbowl performance, as well as a clip in her doctor's addressing her struggle with chronic pain. The most interesting clip in the series sees Gaga speak of her feud with Madonna stating: "I still admire her not matter what she might think of me."

Gaga: Five Foot Two follows a year in the life of the star and is directed by Chris Moukarbel of Banksy Does New York and Me @ The Zoo. You can check out the preview clips on Lady Gaga's Instagram

A Lady Gaga documentary is coming to Netflix