A Joker origin film is in the works

A Joker origin film is in the works

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Batman’s most notorious enemy is getting his own movie, but it won’t star Jared Leto

In news of movies that were bound to be made, Batman's most iconic villain, the Joker, will be getting his own film.  Variety reports that an origin story of Batman's most notorious enemy is currently in talks, that will detail how the feud between the two started and how the Joker became Gotham's most iconic bad-guy.

According to Variety, War Dogs and The Hangover director, Todd Phillips is set to co-write the as yet untitled movie. Martin Scorsese is also in talks to have a role in the film.

While Jared Leto most recently played Gotham's biggest bad boy in Suicide Squad, (among reprising the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel, and a Harley Quinn spinoff) Variety reports that he will not be featured in the film. Phillips is looking to cast a new Joker, who has some very big shoes to fill (pardon the pun), following in the footsteps of legendary portrayals by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.

It looks like we will finally be finding out exactly how he got those scars. Watch this space. 

A Joker origin film is in the works (фото 1)

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