7 things to know about Big Little Lies 2

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Did you hear? One of 2017's biggest breakout stars has scored a second season

After sweeping up the 2017 Emmys and garnering an adoring adult audience, HBO's critically acclaimed limited series Big Little Lies has finally got the green light for a second season. While we had a feeling this was happening back in November, if we're honest the show's executive producers and stars Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon have been heavily hinting the show's return for months. And now, we can finally say with certainty the show and its set of motley characters, aren't going anywhere. Sometime tells us the eight Emmy wins must have paid off...

In the gallery above, we outline all the facts we know about the production so far:

7 things to know about Big Little Lies 2 (фото 1)

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