5 more questionable celebrity ads to mull over

5 more questionable celebrity ads to mull over

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Kendall, you’re not alone, says David Smiedt

Three letters generally greeted Kendall Jenner's recent outing for Pepsi: WTF? Aside from making light of the Black Lives Matter movement, it also made the ludicrous suggestion that the best way to quell two aggressive groups is to ply them with massive amounts of sugar and caffeine. Yup. That will work. If only the Palestinians and the Jews had a Jenner there to make everything better with soft drink. Point is, Kendall is not the only star to opt for a pay day hawking product with less than positive outcomes. Let's meet the rest of this dubious coterie.

1. Mary J. Blige

The R&B diva has created a legacy based on deep grooves and being tapped into street style, so what was she thinking when she accepted a gig for Burger King? Having been vocal about African-American issues for years, she the paid absolutely zero attention the stereotype that associates black people with fried chicken. Which is what she was selling. Clearly she copped a grilling for a subtext that went: THEY LIKE MARY J. THEY LIKE CHICKEN. HOW CAN THEY NOT LIKE MARY J SELLING CHICKEN?


2. Khloé Kardashian

First up, if you're going to call a fragrance you make with your partner Unbreakable Love, you want to be pretty sure the relationship has a reasonable chance of lasting. Then, when it comes to the ad, how about you maybe don't get said partner to carry you around piggyback style when you're butt naked in front of a wind machine.


3. George Clooney

The OG silver fox got $20 million for Money Monster. So what the hell is he doing shilling coffee pod machines? Everything about this series stinks to high heaven: the coy exchanges with women who prefer a ristretto over Danny Ocean, the cameos from the likes of John Malkovich and the cloying smugness at the jokey endings. Please.


4. Oprah

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Back in the day, you simply couldn't get a more credible voice than the big O. She was wise, compassionate and most importantly visible. Which is why Microsoft presumably threw serious Gates dollars her way to promote its Surface Tablet in 2012. Presumably abiding by the clauses of her contract, she praised the product on her socials. Most notably on November 19, when she Tweeted, "Gotta love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts. #favouritethings." Only problem was, as the screen cap above clearly shows, it was sent via the Twitter for Ipad app. #busted


5. Tiger Woods

Freakishly talented, charming and ticking a bunch of diversity boxes, this golfer was a marketeer's dream. Everyone wanted a piece of the phenom. Until they didn't. See, it turns out that Tiger viewed women like he viewed courses - always looking for a hole in one. Over his five year marriage, he admitted to sleeping with 120 women who weren't his wife, blokey magazines even did stories on the 13 hottest. Needless to say, his advertisers weren't impressed and they dropped him quicksmart. One of those was Gatorade. At the time, Woods was a spokesperson and had the slogan "Is it in you?". Yep.

5 more questionable celebrity ads to mull over (фото 2)

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