You can't quite call yourself Australian if you've haven't seen at least a few of these iconic flicks

Australia's landscape is as physically large as is it diverse. Even though there's no one way to capture the spirit of our fair country and its various inhabitants, we're all too familiar with the cliché of the Aussie bushman (looking at you, Mick Dundee). While we've come a long way from crocodile hunters -despite what overseas tourists believe ('You mean you don't ride to school on a kangaroo?!') - we're actually pretty capable of producing some incredible local cinema.

From classic 'Aussie battler' tales like Gallipoli and The Castle to darkly comic masterpieces such as Muriel's Wedding and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, here in alphabetical order, we bring you the goldmine moments in Australian movie history. 

25 classic films every Aussie should see before they die