What EVERYONE's wearing at Coachella 2016

Text: Anna McClelland

And you thought Coachella was all about the music

It happens every year: in comes Coachella, out goes every shred of style any Victoria's Secret model, popstar or actress ever had. Apparently, you're not allowed in unless a) you're over 18 and b) you're dressed in the kind of threads that in any other circumstances, would send you straight to the Worst Dressed list - and quite possibly prompt a bald-headed Britney-style intervention.

We're all for festival fashion, just not when it involves every single trend of the '70s and '90s cinched at the waist with tie-dyed, fringed macramé and topped off with reflector shades. It's a sad day when one of America's greatest music festivals is reduced to a parade of Insta-posers strutting their stuff for the camera. If Flume is playing but no-one's there to hear it, did he make a sound? Something to ponder as you marvel at what the likes of Kendall, Kylie, Poppy and Paris wore over the weekend. 

What EVERYONE's wearing at Coachella 2016 (фото 1)

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