Inside the Buro 24/7 Mexico launch party

Text: Yeong Sassall

Buro 24/7 founder Miroslava Duma jetsetted to Mexico City to launch Latin America's inaugural Buro 24/7 Mexico

And a what a party it was! Wholeheartedly embracing the digital realm, Buro 24/7 Mexico said hola to the brand's first foray into Latin America by bringing as much technology to the table as possible. Hosted by Buro 24/7 Mexico's editor Brenda Díaz de la Vega, the former editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar Mexico and PR Director for Chanel Mexico, as well as Buro 24/7 founder Miroslava Duma, the party even featured virtual reality headsets that guests could try on and a 360-degree Infinity Room.

Located at Mexico City's Center of Digital Culture on Wednesday evening, the series of launch events were sponsored by the likes of Palacio de Hierro, Instagram, Salvatore Ferragamo and M.A.C Cosmetics. Click through the gallery above to see the highlights.

Inside the Buro 24/7 Mexico launch party (фото 1)